• Meira Arkell

Ground Zero for Healing

Did you know that living inside our intestinal tract is a whole world of living micro-organisms? In fact, they are so plentiful that they vastly outnumber the cells in the human body. This means that you are in fact more micro organism than human! This is an area of of study that I am super interested in and which informs how I work with my clients and think about my own health.

These micro-organisms in our gut, are mainly various species of bacteria. These bacteria aren't just sitting around living off of us, they have jobs to do and they live in symbiosis with us, meaning that their existence and life contributes to our health and wellness, or lack thereof when they are missing. These bacteria produce vitamins and break down our food! Their presence or absence has been linked to obesity, inflammatory bowel disease and the toxic side effects of prescription drugs. Researchers have even discovered that these microbes can speak with our brains and are able to influence our moods. Isn't that fascinating!

Whatever ailment you suffer from or are challenged with, whether it's general fatigue, anxiety, depression, arthritis thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue and chronic pain, a key to restoring your health and wellbeing lies in restoring the micro biome (the microbial health in your gut). I like to call it GROUND ZERO for healing because without getting this part of the body healthy, nothing else can fall into place. It is where I always start when working with a client because it's the foundation from which everything else is built.


And where do we even start with healing the gut? We start with Food of course! Foods that nurture the good bacteria so they can live peacefully and happily in our guts, carrying out their jobs needed to keep us healthy! There are specific foods that support healthy bacteria and we amp those up in the diet to start with. These include whole foods... think veggies, fruits and whole grains!!! We take out the foods that are destroying to these microorganisms and which allow other, less beneficial types of bacteria to proliferate and take over... think processessed foods (anything man-made or coming from a box). Basically we want to feed the good guys and starve the bad guys.

There is so much more to this story but I wanted to give you an idea of a factor that could likely be at play if you are wondering why you feel so crappy. And the best news of all is that YOU HAVE THE ABSOLUTE POWER TO CONTROL YOUR OWN HEALTH simply by nourishing yourself with real food. It makes a profound difference!

Here's a great animated Ted video which gives a great explanation!


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