• Meira Arkell

How to Turn Cereal Into A Healthy Breakfast - Cereal Bowl Hacks

So can we talk about cereal? I know we were all raised to eat cereal and think cereal is THE breakfast food but I gotta tell ya, it isn't ideal. The problem with having cereal with milk for breakfast is that it isn't a balanced meal. If you eat a bowl of Cheerios, or any commercial cereal for that matter, it will quickly breakdown and enter your bloodstream as sugar in very short order - both from the simple carbohydrates most cereals consist of, and the milk which contains lactose (a sugar).

If you want to feel good after breakfast, have a ton of energy and feel satisfied until lunch, cereal is not your friend unless of course you can amp it up a bit.Your breakfast should consist of Fat, Protein and Carbohydrate (in the form of vegetables or low sugar fruit, like berries). If it's not balanced with these three macros then you get into trouble

Although I don't recommend cereal at all for my nutrition clients, if they insist on continuing the cereal breakfast tradition then I give them the next best option - CEREAL HACKS. So I thought I would pass these one. Given these suggestions a try and see how you feel.

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